Day Two—Nonprofit Management Residency

by Carrie Roberts, CEO

How does social change happen in the world? I spent the day talking to other students, scholar practitioners who were are all here to solve problems confronting us in today’s world.  The problems overwhelmed me. The amount of suffering, the level of need, and how far we need to go can make me want to run and hide under a rock.

But there was so much hope in my classroom.  Hope that the research that we are doing can make a difference; that concerned individuals can make an impact in our world.  This is the stance of the nonprofit and NGO sector, that step by step, together, scholars and practitioners, we can carve away at social problems and change the world.

I’m learning what it means to be a scholar practitioner. My hope is that everything I learn can be transmitted to the nonprofit sector in a very practical and meaningful manner. Here is my main take away from day two: When working on a doctoral degree, it really isn’t about smarts and intelligence. It is about persistence and staying the path; never ever giving up. You CANNOT GIVE UP! None of us can give up.

signaturecarrie Day Two—Nonprofit Management Residency


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