PhD Residency—Nonprofit Management Day Three

by Carrie Roberts, CEO

I started this day off running to throw up in a trash can close to one of the classrooms and ended the day walking through the park next to the hotel, looking at pictures of giant roosters stuck on cars IMG 2283 224x300 PhD Residency—Nonprofit Management Day Three, listening to blues music in the park, and watching nature’s own lightning show.  In between these bookends I learned a lot of valuable stuff.

Today we focused less on social change and more on the internal processes that make change happen. Specifically writing, writing, and more writing. I picked up some great tips and in the near future I will put together a new webinar with tips and techniques to maximize your grant writing efforts.

You probably don’t want to know about the 2-and-a-half-hour session I spent learning about APA models and how to cite sources properly.  I did glean a couple of useful tips that I’ll share in that super duper new writing webinar.

Tomorrow’s plenary will be with a leader of a new and vibrant nonprofit organization.  I’ll share what I learned during that session.  For now, I’ll leave you and go listen to the thunder and rain, I’ll and watch the lightning storm from my hotel window.

signaturecarrie PhD Residency—Nonprofit Management Day Three


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