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Carrie Roberts’ Interview on The Jerry Doyle Show

Jerry Doyle interview recording (Listen to what Jerry Doyle said about us!)’s Fearless Fundraising was featured Monday on the nationally syndicated Jerry Doyle radio show in Las Vegas. Jerry called the upcoming Fearless Fundraising teleseminar and diligent efforts of our CEO Carrie Roberts, a refreshing inspiration. He commended Carrie for her wisdom, insight, and valiant efforts in raising over $80 million dollars for the nonprofit sector during her 20 year tenure as a nonprofit consultant. He underscored the extreme value Carrie has brought to nonprofits nationwide with her fund-raising training. He praised our Fearless Fundraising teleseminar as an empowering event that could be of potential benefit to millions of people.

focus 150x150 Carrie Roberts Interview on The Jerry Doyle Show

One of Our Fearless Fundraising Focus Groups

We want to thank Jerry Doyle and his producers for featuring us on his show. It was an honor to speak with him. Check out the compelling interview with our CEO Carrie Roberts: Jerry Doyle interviews Carrie Roberts.

Follow our Fearless Fundraising link to learn more about the upcoming webinar.

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Nonprofit Guru Carrie Roberts Shares on BlogTalkRadio

Carrie Roberts, CEO of For The Charitable Community visited recently with author and talk show host Bernadine Feagins on BlogTalkRadio. On Feagins’s program, Social Networking for Women, Roberts explained what inspired and talked about the needs of today’s nonprofits. Roberts highlighted For The Charitable Community’s upcoming webinars, Fearless Fund-raising, Nonprofit TuneUp, and an as-yet unnamed event on damage control and counteracting bad publicity.

Listen to the recording of Carrie’s and Bernadine’s conversation on’s Social Networking for Women

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Nonprofit Marketing: Your Elevator Pitch Is Your Mantra

by Shelley M. Johnson

We’ve all heard the phrase, “keep it simple.” Many people know it better as the KISS principle. This is a guideline which many sales people have successfully used for years to keep their products in focus. Simplicity is one of most important words people in nonprofit marketing can harness. It provides clarity. It provides impact. It eliminates confusion. It turns thoughts into action. And it keeps your nonprofit on track for an effective ask.

Can You Promote Your Nonprofit in Under 60 Seconds?

skyscraperboston Nonprofit Marketing: Your Elevator Pitch Is Your Mantra

You’re about to ride the elevator in that skyscraper and, coincidentally, a famous wealthy philanthropist will be in the elevator with you. You’ll have 40 seconds to win over that philanthropist. Are you ready? Can you do it?

When you promote your organization to your donors and to the people you serve, you should be able to describe what you do in a couple of sentences or less. This abbreviated description is an elevator pitch. It is a brief statement of who you are, what you do, and what makes your organization special.

The elevator pitch comes from the notion that you might meet someone important on an elevator where you only have 30 to 60 seconds to gain their attention and keep it. Obviously, the term is a metaphor, but a good elevator pitch is a highly effective marketing device. It offers sales people, marketers, and others a simple template to follow when presenting an idea or product to another person.

How would you describe your nonprofit in 60 or fewer seconds? (That’s usually no more than 10 sentences). Could you board an elevator on the first floor of a building and tell someone what’s great about your organization before you leave the elevator on the 20th floor? If your pitch is longer than that, you need to refine it.

Punchy Nonprofit Marketing

Elevators are faster today than they used to be! Keep things simple. Talk about the most important points of your nonprofit. This empowers your marketing message and ensures your express ride to the top. Brevity has power. 60 seconds may not seem like a lot of time, but few television ads are that long. Many Internet advertisements are even shorter… lasting only15 seconds. Such a short pitch requires a bare bones and powerful message.

If you always think of your organizational message as an elevator pitch, it will be much easier when you contact people to get the donation you want. Time is money and people don’t want to waste it. You have to grab them in the first 20 seconds of a conversation. A simple, well-worded description keeps them listening and makes their call to action much easier. It also keeps their objections to a minimum.

Create Empathy

Get your donors to like you. To quote James S. O’Rourke, professor of management at Notre Dame, an elevator pitch is NOT, “an opportunity to exploit, use, bore, or terrorize someone trapped in an elevator with you.” Be sincere in your elevator pitch. Couch it in a way that ensures the empathy and support you are seeking. Don’t alienate. You need to be likeable… not notorious. That will keep supporters coming back.

An O’Rourke caveat says it well. “If they don’t like you, they might just take the stairs next time.”

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Webinar: Leverage Media for Nonprofit Development

Please note that this webinar ran on January 26, 2012.

Getting attention from traditional media—newspapers, magazines, radio, and television—can give your nonprofit’s development efforts a huge boost. For The Charitable Community, Inc. is holding a webinar to help you get noticed by the media.

Join us on Thursday, January 26 at 10 AM Pacific Time to learn from nonprofits that have learned to get attention from traditional media.

Create Media Buzz to Maximize Donations

Our webinar, Create Media Buzz to Maximize Donations, features three guests who have had great success with the media:

Lisa Rodriguez – Marketing/Communications Manager for the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Kenny Jahng – Media & Innovation Pastor, Liquid Church.

Nicole Dunn – Creative Producer, Dunn Pellier Media, Los Angeles.

All drive outreach activities that have received coverage in local markets as well as in national news outlets—CNN, Fox, ABC, CNN, and more.

Our own Shelley M. Johnson will moderate. Find out more about this webinar on our resources page: For The Charitable Community, Inc.


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Lost and Found and Nonprofit Consulting

by Carrie Roberts

Have you ever been lost? Like really lost? I’m talking physically lost; unsure of your geography. Not spiritually lost, or any other kinds of lost, but unsure of where you are and where you need to go.

I got lost today on the metro in downtown D.C. and I got scared; really scared.  In fact I sort of had a meltdown because I did not know how to get back to my hotel.  I knew I was lost when I saw the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building go by. I knew I was even further lost when I took train after train to get back to my original location and kept getting farther and farther away from where I needed to go. Not even looking at a metro map helped because, apparently, I didn’t know what side of the metro station I needed to be on to get on the right train.

I thought I was super smart: downloading an iphone app. Yeah, big help. Eventually, after a bout of tears and asking metro employees, I found my way back two hours later than expected.

The day taught me a valuable lesson; one I probably didn’t expect to learn: when you’re lost, sometimes it’s important to stop and ask, get guidance and directions, and not try to be a pioneer figuring this stuff out on your own.

The lesson applies for those in nonprofits as well.

Top-Notch Nonprofit Consulting

I met with a client this week struggling under a mountain of paperwork. For him, the work was monumental, and in fact he was “lost.” He was unable to provide the services he wanted to because of obstacles in his way.

For the Charitable Community, Inc. provides road maps, and guidance to help nonprofit organizations find their ways; maneuver through rough spots; and handle their fears recruiting board members, raising money, and evaluating programs.

You might need some tears and crying for help along the way. Remember that we are here to help. Our experienced associates have navigated these choppy waters for over 20 years. We may not know all the answers, but we know where to find the resources you need. Moreover, we will not just provide you with information but will help you implement and execute your plans.

Hand-holding can be a very nice thing when you’re lost.

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Unprecedented Reach for Nonprofit Resources

by Daniel Gasteiger

The Internet provides unprecedented access to resources for nonprofits wherever they may be. Consider this scenario: You’re surfing the Internet and you happen upon a website that tugs on your heartstrings. Perhaps you watch a video that Youtube recommends and it shows a bunch of adorable puppies. You notice that the video comes from a no-kill dog shelter, and other videos from that shelter feature equally adorable puppies.

When you click a link in one of the videos’ descriptions, you land on a website that has photos of sad-looking dogs waiting for adoption. You read a few paragraphs about food shortages and funding needs, then, right in the margin of the page, you see a Donate Now button.

With a click, another click, a login to your paypal account, and one more click, you donate a modest $5 to the no-kill dog shelter.

Question: Where is the dog shelter? Chances are, you don’t know… and you don’t care! Amazingly, this scenario plays out again and again every day. People all over the world donate to geographically limited and distant nonprofits, overlooking similar concerns in their own towns!

Your Nonprofit Can Win on the Web

Nonprofits that build visibility on the web win. They attract donations and volunteers, and they increase their chances of garnering attention from the media and commercial funding sources.

Building a web presence isn’t a hit-and-miss activity. The disciplines of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing are well-established; there are specific techniques that consistently work to build a vital web presence. Most are easy to learn, and can start helping your cause instantly.

What are you already doing to get noticed online? Do you have a plan to develop your online presentation in 2012? If you aren’t yet looking at the Internet as a potentially lucrative source for fundraising, make this the year that you start.

SEO and Social Marketing for Your Nonprofit

For The Charitable Community, Inc. can help you develop your web presence. Contact us for guidance as you begin building a social network or optimizing your websites to get traffic from search engines. Our Social Media Evangelist, motivates companies to embrace the Internet, and provides training on responsible and effective Internet Marketing techniques. Contact us to schedule a seminar or a consultation.

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Nonprofit Resources May be Easy to Find During the Holidays

Many nonprofits surveyed report the biggest portions of their endowments come in at the end of the year. As a matter of fact, you can see as much as two-thirds of your annual budget arriving before the first week of January!

Case in point: almost 75 percent of annual fund-raising for Boston nonprofits comes from mid-November through the first week of January. Their local Salvation Army expects to raise $14 million in its fiscal year, $10 million of which comes during the holiday season. To quote one of their nonprofits, they adopt a “gung-ho” attitude right before next year.

Even though we are smack in the middle of the holiday season, don’t stop asking. Take advantage of the giving spirit that everyone has, and of the last minute tax advantages that come with giving before January first!

12 Ways to Capture Your Benefactors’ Holiday Spirit

Use an eclectic approach

Capitalize on every way you can to get your message out there. Use email, social media, print, broadcast, text messages, and other avenues. A shotgun approach will get the largest reach for your appeal.

Email your current donors

Seek additional gifts from your supporters and gain commitments for next year.

Send out holiday thank you notes

Nonprofits often neglect to thank their benefactors. Let your donors know how important they are. An email showing you’re grateful could prompt another donation.

Send holiday e-cards with some incentives

Offer donors (and non-donors) a service for their donation.

Get supporters in a giving mood

Let you donors know what you’ve accomplished with their donations this year. Let them know what you could do with more support.

Suggest alternatives to cash donations

Benefactors may give a non-traditional gift such as in-kind services. Alternatively, they might give memberships to your organization as gifts to others. Use a creative headline to get people to think about such alternatives as a way to help others.

Highlight the fiscal calendar

Remind people that the end of the year is approaching and there is little time left to write off charitable donations.

Highlight the urgency of your need

Outline next year’s challenges and explain how important a holiday gift is for your organization.

Make giving easy

Give donors easy ways to send money: a “donate” button on your website, a cell phone campaign that lets people text to donate, a way to fund donations via credit card, and so on.

Think multimedia

Put together a visual message for your organization and place it on YouTube or create a podcast. Post links on your website.

Broadcast on social media

If you have a decent Twitter following, Tweet your message. If you don’t have a large following, tweet anyway, but find and use hash tags that will reach people interested in your mission. Update your Facebook status with requests for donations and links to your website.

Never Stop Asking for Donations

Be creative in your appeals to increase the attention you will receive. Try unique angles that make your organization stand out. Give potential donors updates and let them know of upcoming activities and fund-raisers your organization will have in the following year. Always post your activities and your fund-raising appeals on your website.

Call, email, text, or post on our Facebook page if you need help!

Our corporate website:

Send us email:

Visit our Facebook page:

Reach us by phone: 805 816-6712

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For the Charitable Community

Beverly Molander of Unity Online Radio interviewed Carrie Roberts on the air. Carrie talked about the financial challenges that nonprofits face and she explained important issues for nonprofit start-ups. Carrie and Beverly discussed the mission of For The Charitable Community, and Carrie explained what makes the upcoming Fearless Fundraising webinar unique. Listen here: Unity Online Radio Interview.

For The Charitable Community in the news: Our own Carrie Roberts was a guest on The Jerry Doyle Show. Listen here: Jerry Doyle interviews Carrie Roberts.

Carrie Roberts interviewed on Blog Talk Radio: Social Networking for Women. Learn more about our mission.

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