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Carrie Roberts’ Interview on The Jerry Doyle Show

Jerry Doyle interview recording (Listen to what Jerry Doyle said about us!)’s Fearless Fundraising was featured Monday on the nationally syndicated Jerry Doyle radio show in Las Vegas. Jerry called the upcoming Fearless Fundraising teleseminar and diligent efforts of our CEO Carrie Roberts, a refreshing inspiration. He commended Carrie for her wisdom, insight, and valiant efforts in raising over $80 million dollars for the nonprofit sector during her 20 year tenure as a nonprofit consultant. He underscored the extreme value Carrie has brought to nonprofits nationwide with her fund-raising training. He praised our Fearless Fundraising teleseminar as an empowering event that could be of potential benefit to millions of people.

focus 150x150 Carrie Roberts Interview on The Jerry Doyle Show

One of Our Fearless Fundraising Focus Groups

We want to thank Jerry Doyle and his producers for featuring us on his show. It was an honor to speak with him. Check out the compelling interview with our CEO Carrie Roberts: Jerry Doyle interviews Carrie Roberts.

Follow our Fearless Fundraising link to learn more about the upcoming webinar.

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carrieavatar CEO on BBS Radio!Celebrate Leap Year with us! Don’t forget to listen to our CEO Carrie Roberts, February 29th at 9:25 P.M. EST as she is interviewed on Today’s Entrepreneurs on BBS Today’s Entrepreneurs is a two-hour broadcast hosted by Jason Williams and Michael Calloway on BBS The show features entrepreneurial spirits and inspirational guests who are motivated business owners. Carrie will discuss nonprofit marketing, our upcoming nonprofit training events and other exciting and helpful insights for the nonprofit sector.

Don’t miss it! Tune in February 29th to Today’s Entrepreneurs at 9:25 P.M. EST at

About Jason and Michael of Today’s Entrepreneurs

Jason Williams is the owner of Virgo Management, a real estate management company. Jason has 15 years of experience in management, marketing, entertainment and entrepreneurial ventures. He received his education and degree from Johnson andWalesUniversity. His passion for marketing and business management allowed him to showcase his skills within a variety of business ventures. Jason’s business savvy and love for music propelled him into the next phase of his stellar career as owner of Aggravated Entertainment and Recording Studios.

Michael Calloway is the founder and CEO of Mailcallonline LLC. He has a 10 year background in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial ventures. He is founder of M.O.E.E.R. Entertainment, Finishing Touch LLC, and most currently In today’s global community, Michael is passionate about keeping friends and family connected across the world, which was the impetus for developing

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Nonprofit Guru Carrie Roberts Shares on BlogTalkRadio

Carrie Roberts, CEO of For The Charitable Community visited recently with author and talk show host Bernadine Feagins on BlogTalkRadio. On Feagins’s program, Social Networking for Women, Roberts explained what inspired and talked about the needs of today’s nonprofits. Roberts highlighted For The Charitable Community’s upcoming webinars, Fearless Fund-raising, Nonprofit TuneUp, and an as-yet unnamed event on damage control and counteracting bad publicity.

Listen to the recording of Carrie’s and Bernadine’s conversation on’s Social Networking for Women

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CEO Carrie Roberts Speaks on

Get Acquainted With Nonprofit Guru Carrie Roberts!

For The Charitable Community’s CEO Carrie Roberts will be interviewed on BlogTalkRadio on February 13th at 1 p.m. PST.  She is the featured guest on Social Networking for Women, with author and talk show host Bernadine Feagins. Carrie will talk about what inspired and provide helpful tips for the nonprofit sector. She will also highlight our exciting upcoming webinars that include Fearless Fund-raising, Nonprofit TuneUp and a media webinar on Damage Control: Counteracting Bad Publicity. Don’t miss it!

Be sure to tune in on Monday, February 13th to listen to Carrie and Bernadine on Social Networking for Women on!

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Lost and Found and Nonprofit Consulting

by Carrie Roberts

Have you ever been lost? Like really lost? I’m talking physically lost; unsure of your geography. Not spiritually lost, or any other kinds of lost, but unsure of where you are and where you need to go.

I got lost today on the metro in downtown D.C. and I got scared; really scared.  In fact I sort of had a meltdown because I did not know how to get back to my hotel.  I knew I was lost when I saw the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building go by. I knew I was even further lost when I took train after train to get back to my original location and kept getting farther and farther away from where I needed to go. Not even looking at a metro map helped because, apparently, I didn’t know what side of the metro station I needed to be on to get on the right train.

I thought I was super smart: downloading an iphone app. Yeah, big help. Eventually, after a bout of tears and asking metro employees, I found my way back two hours later than expected.

The day taught me a valuable lesson; one I probably didn’t expect to learn: when you’re lost, sometimes it’s important to stop and ask, get guidance and directions, and not try to be a pioneer figuring this stuff out on your own.

The lesson applies for those in nonprofits as well.

Top-Notch Nonprofit Consulting

I met with a client this week struggling under a mountain of paperwork. For him, the work was monumental, and in fact he was “lost.” He was unable to provide the services he wanted to because of obstacles in his way.

For the Charitable Community, Inc. provides road maps, and guidance to help nonprofit organizations find their ways; maneuver through rough spots; and handle their fears recruiting board members, raising money, and evaluating programs.

You might need some tears and crying for help along the way. Remember that we are here to help. Our experienced associates have navigated these choppy waters for over 20 years. We may not know all the answers, but we know where to find the resources you need. Moreover, we will not just provide you with information but will help you implement and execute your plans.

Hand-holding can be a very nice thing when you’re lost.

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Nonprofit Resources For The Charitable Community

Nonprofit Resources and Development is the blog of For The Charitable Community, Inc. As we grow, this blog will become an important focal point for For The Charitable Community.

Here we’ll present news relevant to nonprofit and public sector companies. We’ll provide tips to help with business operations, marketing, legal issues, human resources, recruiting, fundraising, grant writing, technology, and more.

As we grow, we’ll report on upcoming seminars, conferences, and other training opportunities so you can plan them into your calendar and your budget.

Grow with us by bookmarking our blog or subscribing to it; you can receive updates via email or RSS. Also, please spread the word. Like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter; bookmark us on Stumbleupon, Digg, and other social bookmarking services; and let your colleagues know where to find quality nonprofit resources and development assistance.

To learn more about For The Charitable Community, visit our corporate website:

For The Charitable Community

Who We Are

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For the Charitable Community

Beverly Molander of Unity Online Radio interviewed Carrie Roberts on the air. Carrie talked about the financial challenges that nonprofits face and she explained important issues for nonprofit start-ups. Carrie and Beverly discussed the mission of For The Charitable Community, and Carrie explained what makes the upcoming Fearless Fundraising webinar unique. Listen here: Unity Online Radio Interview.

For The Charitable Community in the news: Our own Carrie Roberts was a guest on The Jerry Doyle Show. Listen here: Jerry Doyle interviews Carrie Roberts.

Carrie Roberts interviewed on Blog Talk Radio: Social Networking for Women. Learn more about our mission.

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