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Carrie Roberts’ Interview on The Jerry Doyle Show

Jerry Doyle interview recording (Listen to what Jerry Doyle said about us!)’s Fearless Fundraising was featured Monday on the nationally syndicated Jerry Doyle radio show in Las Vegas. Jerry called the upcoming Fearless Fundraising teleseminar and diligent efforts of our CEO Carrie Roberts, a refreshing inspiration. He commended Carrie for her wisdom, insight, and valiant efforts in raising over $80 million dollars for the nonprofit sector during her 20 year tenure as a nonprofit consultant. He underscored the extreme value Carrie has brought to nonprofits nationwide with her fund-raising training. He praised our Fearless Fundraising teleseminar as an empowering event that could be of potential benefit to millions of people.

focus 150x150 Carrie Roberts Interview on The Jerry Doyle Show

One of Our Fearless Fundraising Focus Groups

We want to thank Jerry Doyle and his producers for featuring us on his show. It was an honor to speak with him. Check out the compelling interview with our CEO Carrie Roberts: Jerry Doyle interviews Carrie Roberts.

Follow our Fearless Fundraising link to learn more about the upcoming webinar.

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Nonprofit Guru Carrie Roberts Shares on BlogTalkRadio

Carrie Roberts, CEO of For The Charitable Community visited recently with author and talk show host Bernadine Feagins on BlogTalkRadio. On Feagins’s program, Social Networking for Women, Roberts explained what inspired and talked about the needs of today’s nonprofits. Roberts highlighted For The Charitable Community’s upcoming webinars, Fearless Fund-raising, Nonprofit TuneUp, and an as-yet unnamed event on damage control and counteracting bad publicity.

Listen to the recording of Carrie’s and Bernadine’s conversation on’s Social Networking for Women

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Free, Short Nonprofit Development Webinars

For The Charitable Community, Inc. produces weekly webinars to help with your nonprofit development efforts. This webinar series delivers small doses of potent business management savvy to help with all aspects of lifting your nonprofit to higher levels.

Nonprofit Development in 15 to 20 Minutes

Our webinars discuss fundraising, business management, marketing, accounting, legal, human resources, payroll, evaluation, collaboration, outreach, coordinating volunteers, leveraging the Internet, simplifying with technology, and even delivering services and products. Some are simply inspirational to provide a pick-me-up when the challenges of running a nonprofit become overwhelming.

Our webinars are short because your time is valuable. Spend just 15 to 20 minutes with us each week—a coffee break or part of a lunch break—and pick up a few tidbits to help keep your nonprofit on track.

Our webinars are free because we understand that many, many nonprofits run on shoestring budgets.

Join For The Charitable Community, Inc. each Tuesday at 11 AM Pacific time, 1 PM Eastern. We’ve listed the scheduled webinars in the right sidebar of our website and our blog. Click the register button next to a title to reserve a space for that webinar.

Upcoming webinar topics include:

  • Fundraising Fundamentals
  • Using Media for Fundraising
  • Research: Finding Donors Online

We’ll update the list as we schedule further topics.

Premium Webinars about Nonprofit Development

Some topics are too big for fifteen minute webinars, but they are vital to anyone running a nonprofit or public-sector business. We produce in-depth webinars to teach such complex subjects or delve deep into topics we’ve introduced in our weekly free programs. We schedule these webinars to run for an hour with additional time for questions and answers.

Our next premium webinar titled, Harnessing Media to Maximize Fundraising Efforts, will run on February 23. We’ll provide more information as we finalize details.

If you’d like to receive updates about this and other upcoming events, follow this link and add your name to our email list.

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Never Underestimate Your Value as a Nonprofit

By Shelley M. Johnson

As you go through your day-to-day activities, facing the growing challenges of today’s economy, financial hurdles may seem untenable. Volunteers and staff can become disillusioned or discouraged. Before you fall into that self-defeating abyss, stop for a moment and think about what your community would lose if you were not around.

The value of nonprofits today is more important than ever. They provide a safety net to battered women, shelter for homeless people, food pantries and clothing for the hungry, walking trails and parks that everyone enjoys, toys for children at Christmas time, local symphonies, libraries, and educational opportunities. The list goes on and on. The general public often takes these things for granted, but they shouldn’t. If nonprofits did not exist, society would not exist as we now know it.

Nonprofit Growth Has Been Phenomenal

According to, the growth in nonprofit annual revenue, employment, and property holdings has exceeded that of both the business and public sectors in recent years. One nonprofit sector mentioned by AmericaMagazine, helps over 250,000 people annually by managing homeless shelters, soup kitchens, foster care programs, after-school programs, senior centers, and schools for disabled children. And they do it on a budget that would make most businesses cringe.

Nonprofits Provide a Better ROI with Less Investment

To quote Dr. Judith Smith, president and CEO of Hands-On Jacksonville, “Entirely too few people have a good understanding of our nonprofit community, the good that it does, and the miniscule budgets with which this good is generally accomplished.  I would challenge any government administration to accomplish as much with as little as most nonprofit organizations manage to do.”

The tremendous reach of nonprofits touches at least one in seven people. It is a high probability you know at least someone in your neighborhood who has directly benefitted from a nonprofit’s efforts… maybe even your neighbor.

Stay Firm and Focused

After you ponder all of the ways nonprofits enrich the lives of our community—providing basic survival and sustenance—you should never question the value of what you are doing. If your organization failed, part of your community simply would not survive.

So, as you start your day, thank everyone in your organization for their diligence and dedication. Thank yourself for your devotion and steadfast determination. Remember your value and how important you truly are. It will be easier to achieve your funding initiatives and carry out your organization’s mission.

This realization will bring your organization’s value fully into focus, making your mission that much easier to accomplish. Our world is a better place because of nonprofits like yours. You put a face on the concept of caring. Without you, we would lose a national treasure. You are a monument to the strength of the human spirit.

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Why Nonprofits Matter

by Carrie Roberts

I spent Christmas Eve in the emergency room with my daughter. Not my plan, and of course, no one sitting in that waiting room had chosen to be there on a holiday. The people surrounding me represented the population that we as nonprofits serve, and the takeaway message for me was the reaffirmation that NONPROFITS MATTER, and OUR WORK IS NEVER DONE.

The woman sitting next to me had a busted up face and was waiting for medical clearance to enter a domestic violence shelter. The old man sitting in the wheelchair across the room had no idea where he lived and would likely sit in that waiting room a long time until someone figured out who he was. Sick kids surrounded the room, because fevers, flu, and ear aches do not discriminate, and there are precious few resources available in the middle of the night.

Nonprofit Resources for You

I’ve worked with nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. From housing chronic homeless folks on skid row, answering crisis calls at a Battered Women’s Shelter, and witnessing lines of folks waiting for medical care at a free clinic, the message remains clear: What we do matters; what this nonprofit sector does matters.

For the Charitable Community, Inc. is here to help support the nonprofit sector. Our goal is to provide the utmost in quality technical assistance and support so you can do your job more effectively. We look forward to providing a myriad of relevant and appropriate resources for you during 2012. Fundraising, organizational development, social media, human resources, and board development are just some of the topics we will cover.

We invite you to share these resources with other folks that you know. Together we can sustain our vitally needed sector.

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For the Charitable Community

Beverly Molander of Unity Online Radio interviewed Carrie Roberts on the air. Carrie talked about the financial challenges that nonprofits face and she explained important issues for nonprofit start-ups. Carrie and Beverly discussed the mission of For The Charitable Community, and Carrie explained what makes the upcoming Fearless Fundraising webinar unique. Listen here: Unity Online Radio Interview.

For The Charitable Community in the news: Our own Carrie Roberts was a guest on The Jerry Doyle Show. Listen here: Jerry Doyle interviews Carrie Roberts.

Carrie Roberts interviewed on Blog Talk Radio: Social Networking for Women. Learn more about our mission.

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