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PhD Residency–Nonprofit Management Day One

by Carrie Roberts, CEO

Many of you probably don’t know that I am working on a PhD in Public Policy with an emphasis on Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Today I started a five day residency in Houston, Texas, focusing on what it means to be a doctoral scholar—practioner. I figured most of this week would be very academic in nature, but I really wanted to blog about my experience, because one of the reasons I’m doing this PhD is to bring my passion for nonprofits together with my love of academic learning. I’m hoping that this collision results in good results for those working in the nonprofit sector. My classes are at Walden University, and right away today, in the opening session, I received confirmation that I am in the right place, doing the right thing.

Walden wants to train scholar-practioners who are interested in social change.  My whole career has been about social change, as that is what typifies the nonprofit sector. During the opening session we watched a video of a woman who earned her PhD in public health policy and used her training to go to the remote Watu tribe in Tanzaniza, Africa. She provided dental and health programs for the local peoples. I was touched beyond belief.

Yes, I’ll be learning about correct APA citations, accessing appropriate databases, using correct statistical formulas and tests – but to what end? That is the important question.  I’m not completing my PhD for the sake of knowledge, but to bring about social change. For me, it’s about…

  • …helping to strengthen the nonprofit sector
  • …helping the sector access needed capacity-building funds
  • …finding corporate funding partners that align with the work of the nonprofit sector

This is my mission.  This is the mission of For the Charitable Community, Inc.

Stay tuned.  The next few days will be interesting.  We all might learn a lot.  I know I will.

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Nonprofit Guru Carrie Roberts Shares on BlogTalkRadio

Carrie Roberts, CEO of For The Charitable Community visited recently with author and talk show host Bernadine Feagins on BlogTalkRadio. On Feagins’s program, Social Networking for Women, Roberts explained what inspired and talked about the needs of today’s nonprofits. Roberts highlighted For The Charitable Community’s upcoming webinars, Fearless Fund-raising, Nonprofit TuneUp, and an as-yet unnamed event on damage control and counteracting bad publicity.

Listen to the recording of Carrie’s and Bernadine’s conversation on’s Social Networking for Women

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Free, Short Nonprofit Development Webinars

For The Charitable Community, Inc. produces weekly webinars to help with your nonprofit development efforts. This webinar series delivers small doses of potent business management savvy to help with all aspects of lifting your nonprofit to higher levels.

Nonprofit Development in 15 to 20 Minutes

Our webinars discuss fundraising, business management, marketing, accounting, legal, human resources, payroll, evaluation, collaboration, outreach, coordinating volunteers, leveraging the Internet, simplifying with technology, and even delivering services and products. Some are simply inspirational to provide a pick-me-up when the challenges of running a nonprofit become overwhelming.

Our webinars are short because your time is valuable. Spend just 15 to 20 minutes with us each week—a coffee break or part of a lunch break—and pick up a few tidbits to help keep your nonprofit on track.

Our webinars are free because we understand that many, many nonprofits run on shoestring budgets.

Join For The Charitable Community, Inc. each Tuesday at 11 AM Pacific time, 1 PM Eastern. We’ve listed the scheduled webinars in the right sidebar of our website and our blog. Click the register button next to a title to reserve a space for that webinar.

Upcoming webinar topics include:

  • Fundraising Fundamentals
  • Using Media for Fundraising
  • Research: Finding Donors Online

We’ll update the list as we schedule further topics.

Premium Webinars about Nonprofit Development

Some topics are too big for fifteen minute webinars, but they are vital to anyone running a nonprofit or public-sector business. We produce in-depth webinars to teach such complex subjects or delve deep into topics we’ve introduced in our weekly free programs. We schedule these webinars to run for an hour with additional time for questions and answers.

Our next premium webinar titled, Harnessing Media to Maximize Fundraising Efforts, will run on February 23. We’ll provide more information as we finalize details.

If you’d like to receive updates about this and other upcoming events, follow this link and add your name to our email list.

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Webinar: Leverage Media for Nonprofit Development

Please note that this webinar ran on January 26, 2012.

Getting attention from traditional media—newspapers, magazines, radio, and television—can give your nonprofit’s development efforts a huge boost. For The Charitable Community, Inc. is holding a webinar to help you get noticed by the media.

Join us on Thursday, January 26 at 10 AM Pacific Time to learn from nonprofits that have learned to get attention from traditional media.

Create Media Buzz to Maximize Donations

Our webinar, Create Media Buzz to Maximize Donations, features three guests who have had great success with the media:

Lisa Rodriguez – Marketing/Communications Manager for the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Kenny Jahng – Media & Innovation Pastor, Liquid Church.

Nicole Dunn – Creative Producer, Dunn Pellier Media, Los Angeles.

All drive outreach activities that have received coverage in local markets as well as in national news outlets—CNN, Fox, ABC, CNN, and more.

Our own Shelley M. Johnson will moderate. Find out more about this webinar on our resources page: For The Charitable Community, Inc.


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Webinar: It’s Not Too Late for Holiday Fundraising

shelleyavatar Webinar: It’s Not Too Late for Holiday FundraisingShelley
carrieavatar Webinar: It’s Not Too Late for Holiday FundraisingCarrie

Join Carrie Roberts and Shelley Johnson at 10AM PST on Tuesday, December 13 as they discuss fundraising during the holidays. Is it too late to get your holiday appeal out to donors? That’s the question, and it’s the title of the webinar.

Carrie and Shelley will provide tips to help you get attention from benefactors and from the press—especially in this most busy time of year.

Join the Conversation

This webinar will be similar to the original Conversations With Experts series that Carrie recorded in 2010. Those webinars garnered attention from nonprofits and the public sector and sparked the creation of For The Charitable Community, Inc. If you feel you might have missed opportunity marked by increased giving around the holidays—or if you’re looking for a few ways to raise your game—join the webinar on Tuesday.

But don’t stop there. In coming days, we’ll post the original Conversations With Experts recordings on the For The Charitable Community, Inc website. If you missed them the first time around, have a listen now. They provide valuable information for anyone running a nonprofit organization. Best of all: these webinars are free!

Register now for Is It Too Late to Get Your Holiday Appeal Out to Donors? as only so many slots are available: CLICK TO REGISTER.

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For the Charitable Community

Beverly Molander of Unity Online Radio interviewed Carrie Roberts on the air. Carrie talked about the financial challenges that nonprofits face and she explained important issues for nonprofit start-ups. Carrie and Beverly discussed the mission of For The Charitable Community, and Carrie explained what makes the upcoming Fearless Fundraising webinar unique. Listen here: Unity Online Radio Interview.

For The Charitable Community in the news: Our own Carrie Roberts was a guest on The Jerry Doyle Show. Listen here: Jerry Doyle interviews Carrie Roberts.

Carrie Roberts interviewed on Blog Talk Radio: Social Networking for Women. Learn more about our mission.

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